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Excerpt from We Are Going to be Poor Forever

poor forever clip from JeremiahJones on Vimeo.


Resonance in the Landscape

Ann and I are running a tumblr to update about our current project:


I am really excited about what I’m finding out here, all the hype is going up on tumblr!  Click it! and start following to keep up.

Ann and I went to the Met today to scope out some of the old luminist paint renditions of the american landscape, lots of little indians and animals and things.

Thinking about the tradition of the almost dispossessed moving into new territories, how that relates to art images, cinema, and how those images effect our understanding of the history of us moving around trying to relate to the always evolving capitalist state.

Reading “learning from las vegas”

Act I: Absence Makes It Real

★Opening Reception: Monday, May 7 | 4–6 PM.

Come see the high resolution version of bierstadt.gif installed in the new Neiman Center!
Featuring the works of 
Mika Horibuchi, Ben Regozin, Ben Thorp Brown, Daniel Davidowitz, and Jeremiah Jones.

LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery | May 7–25

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Curatorial Statement

Fiction is a system that can expose the reality of a subject, sometimes shaping our understanding in an even more actualized form than documentary allows. The works included in the inaugural two-part exhibition, which will take place consecutively in the new LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery, Act I: Absence Makes It Real and Act II: Fiction Brings It Closer, testify to this possibility through pieces that examine the relationship between artificial narratives and the hyper-reality of their material context.

Through both a re-creation and an absence of the factual, the pieces included in Act I: Absence Makes It Real, may bring us to a realization that is closer to the subject at hand.  By reframing, distorting scale, or removing facts, these artists have highlighted how negligent our eyes have become at recognizing the mediation inherent within the worldly systems they employ.  This staging generates an awareness that allows us to move beyond the physicality of the work to expose the original reference. Charged with the theatrical potentials of prop, the pieces in both Acts I and II of this exhibition allow for a reciprocal relationship with the viewer’s presence.

More stills from We Are Going To Be Poor Forever

“What they don’t know, is that we knew, everyone knew, we were always going to be poor forever.”

mini zine 2

Back when Kinko’s had the keycards which were easy to reset to zero, I used to write little one sheet poems and texts to pass out to interesting people on the street. After they started charging for copies I stopped being my own one on one distro, and therefore I pretty much stopped sharing my writing. Focusing on using film and video to distribute the ideas that way. But since I’m studying at the School of The Art Institute, I have to share process.

So, click here to download another mini-zine.

Or find me on the street before I run out.


Albert Bierstadt was a painter who created collage-like landscapes of the american west.   Check out this map of his trip.

The work Bierstadt1.gif references the work of painter Albert Bierstadt who was
an outspoken promoter of the notion of Manifest Destiny, he created heavily
constructed landscape paintings of the American west, I created this work by
animating movement into a Bierstadt painting and then compositing several
video files into the image. The image is a looping set of 125 frames made to
playback in the heavily dithered and pixilated web format of a .GIF file

The full-sized version of this gif is going to be installed on a monitor in the new Neiman Center at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago!