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Slide Show at Don’t Worry UPS is Hiring

My new slideshow is amazing, the untitled collection consists of 35mm slides, projected onto a screen.  The images were collected by taking cell phone pictures of my computer LCD screen displaying images of people creating non-sexual nude self portraits for public display.  I have been considering Debord’s concept of the spectacle for my entire adult life, and now as things have changed, and images have changed I feel it resonates as any vintage cliche does, it still wears well, sarcastic but true.  We fit in our ancestors clothing.  We also fit in the now, completely naked, in our own off focus low resolution self portrait shoots in the mirror, displaying without self consciousness the ikea home furnishings which surround us, our dirty laundry and empty soap bottles, our own culture framing our sexy young bodies.  Debord was clear, the society of the spectacle is not one set of images, it’s not playboy or hollywood, the society of the spectacle is a society mediated by images, and we are that.  We live in that, and I think it’s wonderful.  These pictures somehow defeat the alienation, and the objectification.  We are communicating.

Displayed at “Don’t Worry UPS is Hiring” an art show featuring working class artists.  Feb 4th and 5th 2011 Bushwick Brooklyn



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